About the Day of Happiness

In 2018, the team of “Kaunas and Kaunas District – the European Capital of Culture 2022” has become the ambassadors of the International Day of Happiness in Lithuania. They are convinced that Kaunas is a city of happy people.

Celebration of happiness all over the world started in 2013. The International Day of Happiness is a celebration initiated by the United Nations, the aim of which is to enhance one of the most important emotions in every person’s life, namely, happiness. Every year on March 20, we will look for it and celebrate its various formats.

However, the team of Kaunas 2022 are not the only creators and authors of the Day of Happiness programme. Every year, we invite the following participants to contribute to the programme of the celebration: museums, libraries, schools, kindergartens, societies, clubs, retirement home, cafés and markets, next door neighbours or the entire house and simply everyone!

With your help, our aim is to develop this day into the happiest festival, which, by 2022 and even more actively afterwards, would be celebrated not only in Lithuania, but the entire Europe as well.

Lime fruit –
the symbol of happiness

A lime fruit is the symbol of this year's celebration: sour but fragrant and very healthy. Most importantly, in Lithuanian, it is a pun, as the word lime sounds similar as the Lithuanian word laimė (‘happiness’).

We encourage everyone who want to join or participate in this celebration to use this symbol. So, if you see the bright colour of lime or if you smell it, you will definitely know that there are people celebrating happiness nearby.


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