About The Day — International Day of Happiness

What is happiness? It is a possibility to stay together and share positive emotions without any barriers – despite the differences in our abilities, needs, cultural and social status, age or gender. 

This year, on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness celebrated on March 20, everyone is invited to open the door for the ones exposed to greater difficulties when accessing the cultural life in the city and the surrounding areas, the shrines of art, public spaces or transport, shopping malls and other locations in our city. 

That is why we say: Make Way for Happiness! 

Lime fruit –
the symbol of happiness

The lime fruit, also called green lemon, was chosen to be the symbol of the Day of Happiness this year: it is sour, yet full of flavour and really, really healthy. Most importantly, the word „lime“ has a witty connection to the Lithuanian word „laimė“ which means „happiness“. 

Everyone is invited to take one’s lime fruit and join the celebration of the Day of Happiness. Each time you see a bright green colour around or smell the flavour of lime fruit, you will know there is someone celebrating happiness next to you...


Universal happiness means being aware of more than oneself, thinking of other and other kind of people, more vulnerable or excluded ones. This kind of happiness can be achieved by eliminating the existing barriers and creating a universally accessible culture.

Among the events of the Day of Happiness – seminar “Culture of accessibility and art of approaching: Experiences worth feeling happy about”, followed by a discussion.

At the seminar, the topic of accessibility which is of high sensitivity for Europe and Lithuania will be elaborated by international professionals of culture, psychology, design and urban planning. Seminar will take place at President Valdas Adamkus library-museum, address S. Daukanto str. 25, Kaunas. Time: 9.30 AM - 2 PM. Free Entrance.

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Day of Happiness

Let the happiness in. Help those, for whom reaching it is the most difficult. International Day of Happiness in Kaunas: already on March 20.


You have suggestions on how to celebrate the Day of Happiness and want to join? Contact us by email irute@kaunas2022.eu

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