Laimės dienos nuotrauka
International Day of Happiness celebrated for the first time in Kaunas and Kaunas District last year will return this year as well. “Happiness is an opportunity to share good emotions with everyone without any barriers: despite their diversity, abilities, needs, cultural and social position, gender or age,” says Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022 in its invitation for the communities and organisations to join the festivities to take place on March 20.

“Each museum, library, school, kindergarten, society, club, retirement home, café or a market, a yard, residents from one stairway or house: everyone is very welcome,” claims the team of Kaunas 2022. The team remembered that last year, over 70 organisations and initiatives joined and helped to organise the Day of Happiness, and over 2500 participated in the events. Over 15000 basketball fans generated the decibels of happiness in Žalgiris Arena.

What can be done to welcome more participants this year and for those who want it to have an opportunity to become part of the Day of Happiness? On this occasion, Kaunas 2022 invites everyone to open the door and become more accessible for those who might find it harder in our city or district to reach its cultural life, art temples, public spaces, means of transportation, shopping malls and other places.
“We want for the area of our city and district at least for one day (and eventually every day) to become accessible for families, children, senior citizens, people with disabilities or different needs, representatives of various cultures, acquaintances and strangers,” says organisers of the event.

According to them, there are various ways to participate in the celebration. It only takes to use one’s imagination and not forget about accessibility. “Pay attention to those who lack something, organise an event and make sure it is translated into sign language, organise a sports exercise or a dance lesson that would be suitable for all age groups, open the door of your café or a restaurant for pets, make sure that your event can be wheelchair-accessible – give way to happiness!” says the text of the open invitation.
Everyone who are going to join the programme of the Day of Happiness, also those who will not participate in the activities, but support the idea of the celebration, are invited to use lime – the symbol of the Day of Happiness for decoration. The word for this sour but aromatic and very healthy fruit sounds a lot like the Lithuanian word laimė, which means ‘happiness’. Let this symbol be visible on March 20 everywhere in Kaunas and Kaunas District and let it show you where to look for happiness or where to share it.
Please let us know about your ideas and intentions to participate by February 28, sending them by email to and filling the registration form:

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